Aqua Poultry sensor for stable computers

285.00 Excl. of VAT

The Aqua  Poultry Sensor for stable computers measures the water quality in the drinking water lines and translates it to an output value between 1 Volt (clean drinking water) and 5 Volt (very dirty drinking water).



For poultry farmers with a stable computer we developed a special module enabling direct communication between the sensor in the waterline and the stable computer. The module converts the sensor signal into a 0-5V signal that is proportional to the fouling degree of the water. Through the stable computer, an alarm can be generated in case of fouling. Also, the stable computer can be configurated to flush the waterlines automatically. Ask your stable computer supplier for possibilities to integrate the sensor in the dashboard.

Model: Aquacolor Poultry Sensor for Stable Computers
Output: 0 – 5 Volt
Installation manual integration module for stables
Poultry Sensor dimensions