Aqua Poultry sensor with LED indication

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Aqua  Poultry sensor with LED alarm indication.



The Aqua COLOR Poultry Sensor with LED indication is placed in the waterline and continuously monitors the quality of the drinking water for the poultry. The sensor is placed in the waterline and transmits it to the control box.
If the LED lights green, the water quality is good. As soon as the LED lights up and flashes red, there is dirty water and the waterline needs to be rinsed. If the LED lights up red without blinking, the drinking water is seriously polluted.
If the pipe is flushed with water immediately after the LED flashes, it is normally perfectly clean.
If no rinsing takes place within 2 to 3 days, the risk of contamination of the pipe with biofilm increases and it may be necessary to clean the water line with chemicals in order to get it clean again.

Categorie Aquacolor Poultry Sensor with LED indication
Output: LED signal: Green = clean water, blinking red = fouling, rood = severe fouling
Relay function: For steering a flushing computer or separate alarm, please choose the relay option, configuration on request.
Installation manual poultry sensor with led_alarm
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